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Players either get better or get worse, but they never stay the same.

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Our Mission

Coach Pete identifies individual athletes strengths and weaknesses, works on improving weaknesses and build on strengths. Coach motivates academic growth, teamwork and healthy athletic competition.          


Weekly Group Training Sessions

Coach Pete provides an intense one hour and fifteen minute weekly training session. Sessions include scrimmages, conditioning, and various skill work with smaller groups in your age or skill level. 

Examples include:

  • Building Great Work Ethics
  • Growth in Leadership Skills
  • The Importance of Academics
  • The Mental Approach to the Game
  • The Importance of Being a Team Player


1 on 1 Sessions

Coach Pete's 1 on 1 Sessions include a curriculum formulated to fit each individual athletes needs. Coach identifies areas in need of improvement and builds the training. 

Examples included but are not limited to:   

  • Ball Handling 
  • Proper Pick and Roll Techniques
  • Screens/Use of Screens
  • Fast Break Drills
  • Proper Spacing on a Fast Break
  • Shooting, Dribbling, Defensive Drills and More!


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